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A Baby Bird

It was dark
It was midnight
I was myself but only in body
In my mind I was somewhere else
Like looking through a foggy glass window

Then all of a sudden I saw a light
And holding that light was  lady
She heard a noise and so did I
She turned her head up and looked to the sky
Something was falling
And it was calling
For it was a bird
But only a baby

And the bird called out to the lady
For the baby had no family
And the baby had no friends
And so it took to flight
But its wings weren’t ripe
The bird began to fall
The lady caught the baby bird and held her close
Until her shivering ended

The baby bird wanted a mommy
And wanted a new life
But was afraid to let anyone in

The lady was patient
The lady was kind
Until the baby bird realized, she was fine
The bird has lived many years with that lady

As the window clears I realize that the lady
Is in fact my mother
Who loves me and loves others

And I am that baby bird who called for help
The bird that wanted a friend and wanted a family
And that, is exactly what the bird got

By:  Ashley age 16