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Adoption seems so simple,
and yet it causes so much pain inside
It can bring so much joy,
but snatches away a birth mother's pride
It gives a child a family,
While it loses another
It can bring a child a better life,
but knowing nothing of its original mother
It ensures a stable future,
While forgetting about the past
It gives a child security,
While the questions asked, always last
It brings a child love,
While bringing a double self
It gives a birth mother hope to go on,
And gives the child emotions tha
t have never been felt
It can bring smiles and laughter,
While causing many tears
It can make a dark day shine bright,
and yet cause so many fears
While adoption can be so complex,
We might as well agree,
We may not totally understand,
but this is how God wanted it to be!

Published in Korean Quarterly Fall 98
by Katie Tully