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A Poem For You

I swear I've seen you before
in pictures with me.
You say you don't have a daughter.
Why do you reject me?
Am I your garbage you took to the curb?
You never had to see me again.
You've been like this for as long as I can remember.
Your mom programed you so long ago.
You were taught things nobody should learn.
You were doing things nobody should do.
You saw things in your lifetime, nobody should ever see.
I wonder if you were ever a kid.
Of course not, you were shooting up with your mother
at eight years old.
I wonder who you were.
I wonder what your favorite color was.
I wonder if you had a birthday.
I have one picture of you;
it was sent to me when they told me you were dead.
I felt anger and told myself I didn't care if you were dead.
But you were my birth mom
and now I want to say, thanks for having me.

By: Teressa age 15