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Are You My Mother?

Holidays are finally here
Friends are calling full of cheer
Turkey roasting, presents wrapped
Santa's route, carefully mapped
Snowmen sitting in every yard
This time of year I find so hard
Even those who argue most
In their heart carry of Christmas toast
Pumpkin pie with a cloud of cream
Candy canes filling ever child's dream
Lighted displays on the neighbors roof
Left behind prints of a reindeer's hoof
All around happiness, joy and smiles
But I do no have it, and haven't for a while
All I remember, from the time I was born
Was being rejected and being scorn
I wasn't wanted, I will never know why
Every day I am reminded, every night I cry
Who was the one who gave me away

What was she thinking, what did she say
Does she ever wonder, on the holidays
Who I really am, and how I am today
Or did she just forget and cast me aside
I have no one here, in which I can confide
I need to finally fill, this whole in my heart
I want my life, to finally really start
Every woman I see, I wonder just maybe
Could she be, is she, are you, My Mom.

By: Elizabeth M. Brown