Adoption Organizations, Newsletters & Information Sites


Adoption Today,  Enjoyable and informative magazine and site.

Adoptive Families,  Excellent magazine and site

ARIS (Adoption Referral & Information Service)

Association for Treatment & Training in the Attachment of Children

Child Trauma Academy (Bruce Perry, M.D. Ph.D)

Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment & Remediation (Dr. Boris Gindis)

CHADD- Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

Child Information Gateway, National Clearinghouse on child abuse and neglect information.

FAS Times Quarterly Newsletter

Fostering families Today,  Magazine also helpful for later-placed adopted children.

FRUA (Families of Russian and Ukrainian Adoption and Neighboring Countries).  Great newsletter and a powerhouse of information for all kinds of adoptive families.

International Adoption Clinic, This organization is on the cutting edge of medical, psychological and social issues facing adopted children/families.

Kinship Center, Great source for adoption-related information on parenting.

NACAC (National Council on Adoptable Children) National advocacy organization influences legal, ethical and improves adoption practice. Excellent website full of resources.

NOFAS (National Organization of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) Disperses great information on FASD abd has local chapters.

NAFA (Northwest Adoptive Families Association) is actively involved in education, advocacy and support for its nearly three hundred member families located throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

OHSU Adoption Health Services is provides a broad range of health services for adoptive parents and their children, from pre-adoption medical reviews to post-adoption checkups and beyond. For more information visit

PACT, An adoption Alliance, Adoption placement and education service focused on placing children of color and supporting families with in-racial or transracial children.

Raising Black and Biracial Children.  RBC Magazine supports the parenting of African American, interracial, and transracial adoptive and foster families.

Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents Newsletter, Provides the latest information of special needs information including FASD.  SNAP also has a great downloadable book on parenting children affected by FASD.

The Center for Adoption Medicine, This website generated by the University of Washington Pediatric Care Center, is a rich resource for adoptive families.

TAPS (Transracial Adoptive Parent Support).  This telephone support line offers peer support for transracial and transcultural adoptive parents, (888) 448-8277.   Birthparent line (800) 750-7590

The Iceberg Excellent Newsletter that supports families who have members with FASD or FAE.  Combines stories, advocacy and research.